What to do when you feel you are losing your faith

What is faith?

The term ‘faith' is defined as a strong belief in something or someone. Living through natural disasters and adversities, it can often feel as if you are losing your faith. You might not only lose faith in the higher power you worship, but you might also feel a loss of faith in humanity, loved ones or in yourself.
Many people experience feelings like this and it is important for us to recognise when we start having these feelings.

Reasons you may feel a loss of faith

There are several reasons why one may begin to feel a loss of faith, including:
• Stress
• Depression
• Loss
• Illness
• Uncertainty
• Trauma
• Betrayal
• Fear
• Loneliness

What to do when you feel you are losing faith

Faith is very important in spirituality, which is beneficial to both mental and physical health. Consider the following if you ever feel that you are losing your faith:
• Acknowledge and accept what you feel
• Try meditation or prayer
• Count your blessings
• Talk it out with someone you trust
• Spend time with loved ones
• Consider counselling
• Engage in acts of kindness
• Attend a place of worship
• Take a break
• Take the time to reflect

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