Why am I feeling unmotivated? School, work and more!

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Feeling unmotivated

No one is expected to be on the edge of their seats with excitement at all times. Whether in relationships, school, work, or even our leisure activities, there are times individuals simply lack the motivation to go that extra mile, or even the mile itself. Sometimes, we're feeling unmotivated because we have never learned our motivational style, intrinsic vs. extrinsic, or what types of stimuli are typically necessary for us to get into action.

When the applause ends

Take new college students who went through years of education where everything was graded and returned, sometimes with a sticker. These were extrinsic (external) rewards used to motivate. In college, it is not like this. There is rarely anything more than the grade itself; certainly, not a smiley face.
If a student who did well is now flunking out of college, it might be that this student responds to an extrinsic level of motivation.

Applauding yourself

If the student is doing well, then chances are he is intrinsically motivated. Such students do well because it makes them feel good about themselves. Their reward is personal satisfaction.
For the individual who responds best to extrinsic motivation, it is sometimes necessary to create external rewards for a job well done. These rewards have to be something that has been removed, and can be given back in exchange for academic behaviour.

Outside of motivational style

There are many other reasons why your motivation may have decreased. You can evaluate the task - are they overwhelming? Or maybe you have taken on too much lately and are exhausted. It would be difficult for anyone to have motivation under these circumstances. Try to get to the “why” lurking behind the decreased motivation. Negative self-talk, or low self-esteem could contribute. There are so many elements that could be zapping your motivation.

Recommendatons for when you feel unmotivated

There are quite a few strategies that exist to assist with boosting motivatino. Some research suggests that physical fitness may affect mood. Other strategies are tailored to the specific area in which one may desire to feel motivated. It is important to note that lack of motivation, over an uncomfortable length of time, maybe a symptom of depression. In this instance, it may be beneficial to seek help.

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