Why do video games make you angry?

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Why do video games make you angry?

Here are a few reasons video games make you angry:
• Suppressed emotions that get vented during games
• Video games can cause alexithymia - the inability to determine your inner emotional state
• Frustration from problems in real life can manifest as anger in video games
• Overall toxicity in the gaming community
• Conflict of interest with other gamers in the game

How do I stop getting angry at video games?

• Find out why you play video games - is it to cope with problems in real life? What do you think would happen if you stopped playing? Answering these questions gives an insight into your thought processes
• Talk about your emotions with others and develop an emotional vocabulary
• Process your emotions - unprocessed emotions is a big reason for emotional outbursts
• Figure out if you are addicted to video games
• Counter toxic culture in gaming

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