Young, single and living away from parents

Moving out in Singapore

A growing number of young, single Singaporeans are moving out from their parents' home to live on their own. The trend, which has been accelerating in recent years, appears to have been exacerbated even further by the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic has nudged many millennials to take the plunge and seek more conducive work-from-home environments through alternative living arrangements, among other reasons.

Making the big decision

For some single millennials, the decision to move out came after turning 30. Without the freedom that often come to be associated with adulthood, living in the family home beyond a certain age is like a permanent state of being children. The reason why grown-ups still live with parents in Singapore is largely a result of public housing policies but unmarried adults often much prefer to have a place of their own.

Will the home ownership model wither? Not quite

Experts interviewed do not expect the current home ownership model to be disrupted by the growing numbers of Singaporeans turning to the rental market. They also added that while HDB should continue to prioritise providing homes for families, there's scope to better cater to young singles who wish to rent.

Adjusting to living on their own

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