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About youth mindline

youth mindline is a variant of designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Singapore. This anonymous platform caters to individuals in their teens and twenties who are curious about mental health related topics, facing anxieties or high levels of stress in school or due to transitions in life, or are trying to make sense of who they are and their life choices.

youth mindline provides a series of free personalised mental health tools, self-guided wellbeing exercises, and local support resources to encourage young Singaporeans to take charge of their mental health through developing good self-care habits, and to reach out for help and support in a timely fashion without fear of stigma. Our stress management platform aims to promote wellness and resilience amongst students, new entrants to work, and young people in transition.

In addition to the suite of content and self-help tools made available here, individuals can join let’s talk, our mindline community forum, and connect with mental health professionals, peer supporters and like-minded youths. This moderated safe space allows youths to express their feelings, thoughts and questions without fear of judgement, and to get advice and support from the community of helpers. Our goal is to catalyse meaningful conversations surrounding youth mental health and create more supportive networks for our young people. mental health app in Singapore on mobile web view mode

Shining the spotlight on youth mental health

Youths in Singapore often face stressors stemming from parental expectations, peer competition in academics and work, and self-expectations on career and financial achievements along with other environmental pressures. The pandemic situation has further compounded the mental and emotional stressors faced due to increased isolation, challenges coping with remote learning, and uncertainties regarding the future for graduands. youth mindline aims to equip young people with tools to recognise their emotions and state of wellbeing, knowledge to self-care, and channels of support to seek help and advice.

Empowering youTH to build a lifetime habit of self-care and to speak up for mental health

youth mindline wants young people in Singapore to know that it is OK to seek help when your emotional health calls for it. The first step forward is to be aware of the potential signs and symptoms of common mental health issues such as generalised anxiety disorder and depression through our symptom checker.

Our smart platform is able to direct users to the right care and support sites, based on their self-reported needs and emotional state.

youth mindline carefully curates resources relevant to a young person’s life journey to help them:


Recognise their emotions


Be aware of help and support channels


Explore their identity and life purpose


Strengthen their social network


Cope with transitions

Navigate the road to adulthood

youth mindline is created by youths for youths

youth mindline and let’s talk were conceptualised in consultation with a diverse group of young people in Singapore. Our team of youth ambassadors contributed extensively to the design and content curation process. youth mindline continues to be a work in progress as we engage with more young people and youth ecosystem providers to understand how we can work together to support the mental health and wellbeing needs of our emerging adults.

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Explore youth mindline now

Explore youth mindline now

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